What Acne - 5% BP & Glycolic Serum

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This botanically infused treatment product, containing micronized Benzoyl Peroxide and Glycolic Acid, synergistically works as a highly effective acne-fighting, blemish removing serum, quickly clearing the pores of bacteria and cellular debris within 24 hours. In addition, this product dramatically reduces the sebum levels within the skin resulting in a clear, blemish-free complexion.

  • Fights acne-causing bacteria on the spot and prevents future breakouts
  • Clinically proven to decrease sebum production by up to 70%
  • Exfoliates gently to increase cellular turnover, leaving skin refined
  • Great spot treatment to quickly and effectively heal active blemishes

Benzoyl Peroxide, Glycolic Acid

Apply a thin layer to affected areas daily on previously cleansed skin. Once the desired results have been achieved, maintain the results by applying a few times per week or as needed.